Renovated Brevard Jail Booking Area To Open May 10


SHARPES, Florida — The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office announced today that the final phase of the jail expansion plan will be complete with the opening of the newly renovated booking areas at the Brevard County Jail Complex on Thursday May 10, 2012.

Sheriff Jack Parker said in a press release, “I very much appreciate the County Commissioners and county staff members who continually made the needs at the jail a top priority.  This critical improvement was the final phase of what has been a very well thought out and cost effective jail expansion.”

The Brevard County Jail Complex was originally opened in November of 1986 and was designed to hold 384 inmates.  The day the jail opened, the new jail was already overcrowded.  Over the years, the jail operation continued to grow and is currently averaging just over 1,600 inmates.  The booking improvement phase marks the last major improvement that needed to be completed. The kitchen, mental health & medical units, and laundry have all been completed.

Receiving inmates and releasing inmates will be more effective as they will be processed in separate booking areas.  The Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that this will better prevent the introduction of contraband into the Jail Complex, and speed up both the booking and the releasing processes. 

The renovated facilities now serve a Jail Complex with a bed capacity of 1701 inmates (with 100 beds built and ready to staff when needed bringing the total to 1,801). The support services of the jail (kitchen, laundry, booking and medical areas) are now capable of sustaining the jail operation many years into the future and will be able to meet the needs of a much larger inmate population.