West Melbourne Pigeon Drop Scammer Arrested

WEST MELBOURNE, Florida — West Melbourne Police have arrested 65-year-old Eugene Brown of Jacksonville, Florida on charges of Grand Theft from persons 65-years-or-older and robbery.  The arrest is based on two separate incidents allegedly involving Mr. Brown that occurred on June 7, 2010 and June 23, 2010 in West Melbourne, Florida.

On June 7, 2010, Eugene Brown allegedly approached his 80-year-old female victim in the Publix parking lot, 145 Palm Bay Road, while she was leaving the grocery store.  Mr. Brown and another man approached her and told her they found a wallet containing $60,000 and would share it with her if she withdrew $5,000 from her bank account to show that she could sustain herself for a month.  
Police say that the woman did not want any of the found money and did not have $5,000.  The men told her to get into a car and she complied out of fear.  They drove her to Bank of America, 3003 West New Haven Avenue.  She observed what she believed was a handgun in the pocket of one of the men and she was in fear so she complied with their demands and withdrew $3000 and gave it to them.

On June 23, 2010, a 70-year-old male victim was approached by two men in the parking lot of Chase Bank, 115 Palm Bay Road, where he was going to make a large deposit.  He was approached by the men and told to get into their car.  They drove around a while then made him empty his pockets and wallet.  Police say the suspects implied they had a gun and threatened to kill him if he did not comply and stole the victim’s $1200.

On March 3, 2012, Palm Bay Police arrested Eugene Brown in the Wal Mart parking lot after he tried to scam an elderly victim with the Pigeon Drop scam.  West Melbourne detectives noted the similarity of Mr. Brown and his actions to the description of the suspect in West Melbourne’s June 7th grand theft and scam attempt and the June 23rd robbery.  

The 80-year-old victim identified Mr. Brown in a photo lineup as one of the men who tried to scam her and who took her $3000.  Mr. Brown has been implicated in the June 23rd robbery through fingerprints left on the victim’s car door.  Thus far, Mr. Brown’s accomplice has not been identified.