Brevard Public Schools Spokesman To Parents: “Stop Losing Your %#@& on Facebook”

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – In a shocking Facebook post, Brevard Public Schools Spokesman Matt Reed told parents to “Stop Losing Your %#@& on Facebook every time a bad-but-otherwise-routine thing happens on a school campus.”

Reed’s entire Facebook post follows:

“WHEN IS IT REALLY A SCHOOL ‘THREAT?’ People of Brevard, we need to regain sanity and stop losing our %#@& on Facebook every time a bad-but-otherwise-routine thing happens on a school campus. As part of the team of police investigators and school communicators who have worked double shifts since Feb.14, I recommend trusting cops and principals to do their jobs and stop treating the following things like “the next Parkland:”

* Third-graders who say they want to “blow up” their school or who scream “I’ll kill you!” during a playground fight.

* Graffiti in a middle-school bathroom stall that says, “Bombing tomorrow — don’t go to school.”

* The weekly discovery of a pistol in a high-school student’s car or backpack. (You’re right — bringing a gun to school is not OK, which is why America made that illegal in 1990 with the Gun-Free Schools law.)

* Unstable students who act out and have to be taken for mental-health evaluations by resource officers.

I promise: BPS WILL tell you by text, email and robo-call when a school-shooting threat has been made, police are investigating, safety precautions have been taken, and/or you need to do something to protect your child.”

Parents have come to distrust the Brevard Public School administration and its employees to make the right decisions regarding their children’s safety after it was revealed by WFTV Channel 9 that school administrators failed to stop a potential Parkland shooting at Astronaut High School in 2017 which was only averted because the husband of the students’ teacher went to police after the school administration failed to act.

More recently, BPS again came under fire for not taking quicker action to suspend a student at Ocean Breeze Elementary who allegedly stated that he wanted to be a “school shooter” and a “terrorist” in February. The school also did not notify parents of the potential danger until a month later when the student was suspended for allegedly stating that he had a ‘Kill List’ in March.

“I strongly condemn the statement by Matt Reed on Facebook today regarding school security questions from the parents of our students,” said Charles Parker, a Merritt Island High School teacher who is running for the Brevard County School Board.

“Parents are understandably nervous and need reassurance during these difficult days, not condescending and obscene statements from Brevard Public Schools leaders. I call on you to immediately remove Mr. Reed from his position,” Parker wrote in an email to Brevard School Superintendent Desmond Blackburn.

Reed later removed the post and issued this apology on Facebook:

“I took down the Facebook post quoted in this story.  My personal observations and tone were not those of the school district and were not intended to speak officially for BPS. They were obviously taken that way, and I’m sorry for that.”