Police: Ocean Breeze Elementary School Student Had ‘Kill List’

INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH, Florida – A student at Ocean Breeze Elementary School who was investigated in February for allegedly saying that he wanted to be a school shooter was once again investigated in March for allegedly saying that he had a kill list, according to the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department.

In February 2018, the student of Ocean Breeze Elementary School allegedly made a statement in school that he wanted to be a “terrorist” and a “school shooter.”

Indian Harbour Beach Police Detectives conducted an investigation but the State Attorney’s Office determined that there was not enough evidence to warrant a criminal prosecution.

Detectives then made contact with the family of the student, who police say confirmed that the child did make some statements in this regard. However, the family would not allow the detectives to interview the child.

The student’s father told police that there were several firearms in the home but refused to allow police to secure the firearms at the police department until this matter could be resolved.

He also refused police officer’s request to permit a voluntary inspection of the firearms to ensure they were properly secured, even though he assured the officer’s on site that the firearms were safely secured.

Detectives assisted in attempting to obtain counseling and/or social services for the child from other state agencies. Police notified Brevard County Public School officials of the outcome and BPS told police that they would handle the issue of the child in the school administratively.

On March 14, 2018, the same student, while in school, stated that he now had a “kill list” and named specific students. Additionally, he stated unnamed teachers and teacher’s pets were also on the list. Again, Police Detectives were called into the school to conduct a criminal investigation. Interviews were conducted with the students and teachers.

Again, the student allegedly admitted to police that he made these statements but stated he was only doing this to prevent kids from picking on him.

A search of the student’s backpack revealed no “kill list” or weapons. After this second incident, BPS suspended the student pending further investigation.

The second incident was reviewed by the State Attorney’s Office and again concluded there is insufficient evidence to warrant a criminal prosecution.

Ocean Breeze Elementary School notified parents in a recorded message about the most recent incident.