City of Palm Bay: Utilities Payment System Not Compromised

PALM BAY, Florida – After several residents complained to the City of Palm Bay that fraudulent charges occurred after making a payment through Palm Bay’s Utilities payment system, the City said it investigated the issue and found no evidence of a breach of consumer information.

“The city took prompt action to review online payment systems, logs and processes in conjunction with the software developer,” the City of Palm Bay stated in a release.

“After a thorough review, there is no evidence at this time, that would suggest an issue or breach of consumer payment information occurred stemming from the Palm Bay Utilities payment collection system.”

As an additional precaution, the online payment servers and internet pathways were refreshed and redeployed to new servers.

“The city’s information and technology department continues to monitor the systems and internet pathways with cyber-prevention services to protect against cyberthreats,” the City of Palm Bay stated.