Attorney For Scandal-Plagued City of Palm Bay Found Safe

ORMOND BEACH, Florida –  The Ormond Beach Police Department reports that former City of Palm Bay attorney, Andrew Patrick Lannon, has been found safe after going missing earlier this week.

Around 11 p.m. on  Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, Lannon told his wife he was going for a walk, but did not return.

Police say that Lannon has recently been depressed and there is concern for his well-being. Lannon is described as 6’5”, 300 pounds, with brown hair, blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a yellow shirt and silver shorts.

The 43-year-old lawyer resigned in April following a series of scandals that have rocked the City of Palm Bay, including federal and FDLE investigations into Palm Bay’s “Homes for Warriors” housing program where City Councilman Tres Holton became the center of political finger-pointing. Holton denies any wrongdoing in connection with the “Homes for Warriors”  program.

The tumultuous city government also endured high-profile in-fighting between Palm Bay Mayor William Capote and City Manager Gregg Lynk which later resulted in the Palm Bay City Council voting to censure Mayor Capote.

Lannon resigned from the City of Palm Bay in April and then issued a rambling settlement demand letter to the City wherein he sought, amongst dozens of other demands:

  1. A fund to recompense purported victims of “Tes Holton’s House of Horrors” (a word play on the Homes for Warriors program);
  2. Revocation of Mayor Capote’s censure;
  3. Censure of Councilman Tres Holton for his “House of Horrors”;
  4. Censure of Councilman Harry Santiago, Jr. for supporting Florida Representative Randy Fine’s proposal for an operational audit of the City of Palm Bay; and
  5.  A $7,719,084.06 payment to himself along with health and dental insurance for his family.

If you have seen or have any information on the location of Andrew Lannon, please contact OBPD at 386-677-0731, or VCSO Central Communications at 386-248-1777.