Mother’s Day 2018 Free E-Cards, Last Minute Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of highest seasonal days for the delivery of Mother’s Day flowers, greeting cards, gifts, and newer traditions such as edible fruit arrangements instead of the older fruit baskets.

But if you aren’t able to get a Mother’s Day card in the snail mail in time, there are always e-cards sent by email. Hallmark’s website offers Mother’s Day e-cards at a nominal price, while other companies such as Blue Mountain and American Greetings offer free Mother’s Day e-cards along with other cards for purchase.

Last minute gift for Mom who doesn’t have a cell phone:

One reader offered this gift idea for the mom who does not use a cell phone. Buy a pre-paid cell phone with a camera (which can be bought 24-hours a day at gas stations and 7-Elevens). Then, add photos of the children and/or grandchildren to the phone. That way mom will always keep the phone charged and with her to show off the pictures.

Gift ideas for younger children to give on Mother’s Day:

For younger children, Mother’s Day often means crayon drawings or hand-made arts and crafts for mom which is sometimes accompanied by a well-intentioned (but novice) attempt at making breakfast in bed for mom. When drawing a Mother’s Day card, kids could list all the things mom does for them that makes them happy.

Older kids can always make simple sugar cookies, shape them into a heart or flower, and decorate the cookies for mom.



When is Mother’s Day 2018?

In the U.S, Mother’s Day is always celebrated the second week in May which was made an official American national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. So if you are asking, “When is Mother’s Day in 2018?” Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 13, 2018.

Image credit: Wikicommons