Radio Host Calls For Conservative Candidates To Fill School Superintendent Vacancy

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – Conservative radio host Bill Mick is calling for the Brevard Public School Board to seek out conservative candidates to fill the School Superintendent vacancy opened by outgoing Dr. Desmond Blackburn.

Blackburn, a liberal progressive from Broward County,  was often at odds with the overwhelmingly conservative population in Brevard County over issues such as arming school staff and an expensive social/emotional agenda program that was  imported from Broward Public Schools which is now under national fire for coddling the Parkland, Florida school shooter, Nicholas Cruz.

Blackburn’s pro-union stance often resulted in anti-parent policies  such as making every Wednesday an Early Release Day which sparked viral outrage from parents on social media.

The fallout from Blackburn’s unpopular policies was to disenfranchise a significantly large portion of Brevard County voters which makes it unlikely that he would be able to rally support for other school issues, such as raising property taxes or extending sales taxes.

During his WMMB radio show on Tuesday morning, Mick suggested that Brevard Public Schools seek out candidates who graduated from conservative universities such as Hillsdale College, Bringham Young, Cedarville College, Liberty University, or other conservative institutions.