School Board Superintendent Desmond Blackburn Resigns After Broward Schools Scandals

VIERA, Florida — Brevard County Public Schools Superintendent Desmond Blackburn submitted his resignation following a The Blaze article citing Sun Sentinel naming Blackburn as an instrumental figure in the “dangerous culture” that coddled the Parkland school shooter, Nicholas Cruz.

Earlier this morning, Brevard Times presented the following questions to Brevard Public Schools spokesman Matt Reed that went unanswered for hours until the BPS news release announcing Blackburn’s resignation:

1. Does BPS/Dr. Blackburn have a statement regarding his involvement in the dangerous culture cited in the following Sun Sentinel article?

2. Dr. Blackburn has been very public about his social/emotional agenda during his first year as Superintendent. How can Brevard parents be assured that the social/emotional programs he is bringing from Broward to Brevard won’t coddle the next Parkland shooter?

3. Has Dr. Blackburn informed the [School] Board of any potential revelations involving his employment at Broward [Public] Schools that ma[y] come to light as a result of Parkland and/or the documents subject to a public records lawsuit?

The link to Dr. Blackburn’s involvement in the Broward County cover-up was first broke in Brevard County by WMMB radio host Bill Mick during his radio morning show that can be heard here:

Blackburn’s resignation comes just after his contract was renewed with Brevard Public Schools for two years last Summer and an appointment by Florida Governor Rick Scott to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission in late March.

Despite the high-profile failure of the Promise Program in Broward, the Brevard Federation of Teachers is pushing for Brevard Public Schools to continue with Blackburn’s social/emotional agenda.

“Moving forward, we urge the School Board members to consider internal candidates who can continue Dr. Blackburn’s strategic vision without the need of a complete overhaul,” the Brevard Federation of Teachers wrote in a statement. “We thank Dr. Blackburn for his years of service to our community and wish him and his family well in the future.”

According to a BPS press release, Blackburn “will become CEO of a national nonprofit organization that improves public education by training and mentoring new teachers.”

“We wish Dr. Blackburn and his family the very best,” said School Board Chairman John Craig. “We thank him for his leadership in the community and the positive impact he has had on our schools and children.”

In his letter of resignation, Blackburn wrote: “To my Space Coast family, the residents of Brevard County, please know that serving you has been an honor and an absolute pleasure. From my very first day, all sectors of this community have welcomed me with wide-open arms. You welcomed me into your businesses; you welcomed me into your community functions; you welcomed me into your fundraising efforts for worthy causes; you welcomed me into your churches; and you even welcomed me into your homes. You epitomize ‘class’ and I will miss all of you dearly.”