VIDEO: Woman Shaves Legs In Florida Hotel Swimming Pool

A video of a woman shaving her legs in a hotel pool filled with children has gone viral along with thousands of grossed-out comments about the public display of personal grooming.

And while the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that over 50% of all public swimming pools contain fecal matter,  the visualized act of leg hair stubble being washed into the pool water has made the internet world cringe.

With over a million swimming pools in the Sunshine State, Florida ranks second only to California for the most amount of swimming pools in the United States.

So, Florida has more than its share of swimming pool stories making the news such as giant alligators taking a casual dip in a swimming pool and the occasional errant parking of a car in a swimming pool.

But with over 55,000 upvotes on Reddit, the video of the woman shaving her legs in the hotel pool is likely to become the top Florida swimming pool story for years to come.