95% Of Baby Foods Contain Toxic Metals: List Of The Worst

A new study found that 95 percent of tested baby foods contain toxic chemicals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

These chemicals are neurotoxins that can permanently alter a baby’s developing brain, erode IQ, and affect behavior.

But some popular baby foods are worse than others, such as rice-based snacks, juice, and sweet potatoes.

The study suggests that parents can make five safer baby food choices for 80 percent less toxic metal residue.

Topping the list are rice-based foods—infant rice cereal, rice dishes, and rice-based snacks.

These popular baby foods are not only high in inorganic arsenic, the most toxic form of arsenic, but also are nearly always contaminated with all four toxic metals, the study found.

List of baby foods with the highest levels of toxic metals

Puff snacks (rice)

Teething biscuits and rice rusks

Infant rice cereal

Fruit juice

Carrots and sweet potatoes

List of safer baby food alternatives

Rice-free snacks

Other soothing foods for teething such as a frozen banana or chilled cucumber

Other infant cereals like multi-grain and oatmeal

Tap water instead of fruit juice

Diversify with a variety of fruits and veggies that still includes carrots, sweet potatoes, and other choices.

Elimination Of Rice-Based Cereals From Baby Diets

The sponsor of the study, Healthy Babies Bright Futures, recommends eliminating rice-based cereals from babies’ diets altogether.

Consumer Reports, which had already conducted similar studies over the years, agrees with the recommendation to ban rice-based cereals from babies’ diets.

The Organic Trade Association stated that the industry has already been working on ways to reduce the arsenic uptake in rice.