USDA Lists Wakanda As Free Trade Partner, Vibranium Trends

The U.S. Department of Agriculture removed MARVEL’s fictional country of Wakanda from its free trade partners list after a Twitter user discovered Wakanda while using the Agricultural Tariff Tracker.

“Wakanda is listed as a US free trade partner on the USDA website??”  tweeted Francis Tseng.

Tseng was also surprised that there were actual commodities listed for Wakanda, a fictional kingdom that appeared in the MARVEL movies Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Black Panther, and Captain America: Civil War.

Tseng then jokingly tweeted “the US would no doubt try to liberalize Wakanda’s markets and flood it with cheap subsidized corn.”

The USDA explained in an email to USA Today that Wakanda was used during a test of the Tariff Tracker but had since been removed.

The USDA took to Twitter to also make fun of the mistake.

“While we removed the Kingdom of Wakanda from our list of US free trade partners, our relationship will always be strong #WakandaForever,” the USDA tweeted.

After the USDA listing of Wakanda went viral on social media, the country’s major fictional commodity Vibranium, a metal used to make Black Panther’s suit and Captain America’s shield, also started to trend on Twitter.