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Poll: Majority Of Florida Voters Want Trump To Stay In Office

FLORIDA – A slight majority of Florida voters want U.S. President Donald Trump to remain in office, according to a poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University BEPI.

Overall, voters are split if Trump should be removed from office with 51% saying he should be removed while 49% say he should be removed.

Voters are also split about their Congressperson voting to impeach the President with 40% saying it will make them less likely to support the candidate with 38% saying they were more likely to support and 21% had no effect.

Overall, President Trump continues to enjoy positive approval in the Sunshine State at 45% and 43% disapproval.

He continues to be very popular in the GOP with a 66 percentage point lead in a potential primary against two Republican rivals, Trump garners 80% of the vote.

Florida looks to be competitive in 2020 with the four top Democratic rivals either tied or leading against President Trump in potential head to head general election match-ups, a flip from the September poll where Trump has small leads over his rivals.

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