Potholes At Lockmar Elementary School To Be Fixed Soon

PALM BAY, Florida – Large potholes at the end of the car pickup lane will soon be repaired at Lockmar Elementary in Palm Bay, Florida.

The potholes are situated in a way that makes it nearly impossible for most vehicles to avoid when they exited the car loop.

Jay Nice, a parent whose children attend Lockmar, first turned to the City of Palm Bay to have the potholes repaired.

But the City determined that the potholes were on Brevard Public Schools property and not city streets, so the City referred the issue to BPS.

The BPS facilities team was made aware of the pothole situation immediately prior to winter break (when the district was closed for two weeks), BPS spokesperson Nicki Hensley told Brevard Times.

“It was put on the priority list for this week and the team is scheduled to be out there patching up the holes either tomorrow or Monday morning,” said Hensley.