Titusville-Cocoa Airport Wants To Become Commercial Spaceport

TITUSVILLE, Florida – The Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority has applied the Federal Aviation Administration for the Space Coast Regional Airport to become a commercial spaceport capable of horizontally launching and landing suborbital spacecraft between Titusville and Port Saint John, Florida.

The Space Coast Regional Airport does not have any customers for the proposed spaceport because XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx went bankrupt and Rocket Crafters now focuses on small rockets, SpaceNews.com reports.

Launch Failures

According to a draft environmental assessment submitted by TICO to the FAA, “the launch operator would be responsible for developing an emergency response plan that addresses launch failures.”

TICO notes that the launch trajectories “will avoid densely populated areas. In the unlikely event of a launch failure, the debris impacts would be expected to be contained within the hazard area.”

Public Meeting

The FAA will hold a public meeting to solicit comments on TICO’s draft environmental assessment on January 8, 2020, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the following location:

Ralph Poppell Airport Administration Building at Space Coast Regional Airport
355 Golden Knights Boulevard
Titusville, Florida 32780

During this meeting, FAA representatives will have the chance to answer questions about the draft environmental assessment.

Members of the public will have the chance to provide written and/or oral comments at the meeting.

The full PDF version of the Draft Environmental Assessment can be viewed here.