Cocoa Beach Bans Beach Parking On Non-Residential Property

Thousands of visitors continue to visit Cocoa Beach beaches on Sunday, March 15, 2020, because few other activities are available after the cruise lines shut down in neighboring Port Canaveral, Florida and the theme parks closed in nearby Orlando, Florida.

COCOA BEACH, Florida – Cocoa Beach City Manager Jim McKnight issued an order that bans beach parking on non-residential properties and limits parking in residential areas to residents only.

Violators of the ban are subject to a $500 fine and towing.

“Now is the time to stay in place, please don’t come to the beach, sooner people adhere to social distancing guidelines the quicker we get over this,” Cocoa Beach Mayor Ben Malik said. “We have a covid 19 case here FYI!”

The full text of the order:

Pursuant to the authority vested in me as Cocoa Beach City Manager by the City Commission of the City of Cocoa Beach, in accordance with Amendment #1, City of Cocoa Beach, Florida, Declaration of Emergency Proclamation, approved March 19, 2020, (“Declaration), I hereby Order that all property in the City of Cocoa Beach that is not residentially zoned is hereby prohibited from being used for beach parking.

In addition, I hereby Order that all parking in residentially zoned areas shall be used only for parking for residents, their guests, persons doing work at the residentially zoned location, and delivery trucks when used for delivery to the residentially zoned location.

In addition, I hereby Order that vehicles parked in violation of this Order shall be subject to immediate towing and shall be subject to a fine for violation (pursuant to Cocoa Beach City Code Section 8.5-6) which is set at $500.00 per occurrence. The phone number of the towing company is 321-783-9494.