West Melbourne Mayor Urges Residents To Wear Face Masks

Concerned about the increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Brevard County, West Melbourne Mayor Hal J. Rose today asked West Melbourne citizens to consistently wear masks when out in public.

“I agree with the advice of medical professionals that wearing a mask is one of the best universal precautions,”  said Rose. “Thus far, we have been successful in keeping hospital beds available, and the medical community is learning how to best treat the most critical patients infected with the virus.”

“Nonetheless, some of us have let our guard down, and we should all recommit to being responsible community members. Social distancing and mask-wearing helps reduce the risk facing our most vulnerable neighbors, friends, and family members,” added Rose.

“The virus is not going away in the near future. The risk of becoming ill with the COVID-19 virus from community spread is real. How we adapt to this reality is up to each of us.”

“Citizens ought to keep six feet from other groups while shopping for groceries, at the pharmacy, or while dining out. While I very much encourage people to shop local, wearing your mask while shopping makes your beneficial societal contribution even more meaningful.”