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  • We need more information on the Judicial candidates in Brevard County. Can you help???

  • Please inform your readers that according to Breitbart that the federal government intends to dump illegal aliens in Brevard county.

  • Have you guys stopped posting Brevard County mugshot? I noticed you haven't posted any since 03/27. Just wondering...

  • I just received a monthly water&sewer bill in Titusville, $127! ''Normal'' bill is $35-45. Being charged $79.44 for storm water, Have you heard of this? Is it legal? Broke and tired and need some help. Marshall Weaver

  • Aug. 19th 2013. When is somebody from the BREVARD TIMES going to fix the Surf and Fishing Report??

  • August 20th 2013. Surf and fishing Report is broken, is anyone from Brevard Times going to fix it?

  • Anonymous said....There really are some horrible dicrimination injustices right here in Brevard County!The so called low income housing apartment complexes that are scattered around the county,areFull Of Wealthy and or Undiservingresidents.Our good ol boy county network is simply turning a blind eye { to the truly poor families in need ie:African American, Latino and white } or there are pay off's and bribery.

  • I do like your publication. It has better reporting than Florida today. But why do you cheapen it with the front page photos of the half naked women? It is gratuitous and it certainly sends the message that you are not serious journalists. Removing them would certainly give a boost to your credibility.

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