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Rabies Warning For Brevard County

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, the Brevard County Health Department received confirmation of a
raccoon positive for rabies located at Allendale Street, Titusville, Florida.

Rabies is fatal in humans if not prevented in time. We advise everyone in the area who has
been exposed to any stray animals or even if their own pet has been exposed, to call Animal
Services and Enforcement at (321) 633-2024. For medical recommendations and questions
regarding rabies call Brevard County Health Department, at (321) 454-7111.

The public is asked to cooperate in the implementation and effectiveness of this warning by:
1. Reporting any strange behavior of all animals observed.
2. Avoiding direct contact with wild animals, such as raccoons, bats, etc.
3. Having all cats and dogs immunized against rabies.
4. Immediately reporting any animals running at large.
5. Prompt and complete reporting of all animal bites sustained by any individual.
Only qualified personnel, such as health department officials and animal services enforcement
officers are advised to handle these animals.
Please remember to keep your pet on a leash, keep animal rabies shot up-to-date, and report
any sickness in animals.

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