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NASA Supports Competition To Create T-Shirt Design

WASHINGTON – NASA, through the Harvard-NASA Tournament Laboratory, is supporting an online challenge for artists to design a T-shirt commemorating the final space shuttle mission and the program’s contributions to exploration.

The challenge is run by Threadless, an online design site, and the Harvard-NASA Tournament Laboratory. The lab is administered by Harvard University, which is under contract to NASA to study crowd sourced innovation that leads to tournaments for scientific and engineering challenges.

Threadless, an online community of amateur and professional designers, is challenging its 1.5 million international artists and the public to design a shirt about “The Final Frontier” by July 22. Threadless will produce the design chosen through online votes. The chosen designer will receive a $500 cash prize, a $500 Threadless gift certificate and a shuttle-flown patch from his or her home country. The Harvard-NASA Tournament Laboratory will provide the patch.

For more information about the final space shuttle mission and the shuttle program, visit:

For more information about the Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab, visit:
To submit a design, vote or view current submissions, visit Threadless at:

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