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North Banana River Drive to Close at Silver Oaks Mobile Home Park for Emergency Repairs

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — North Banana River Drive at the Silver Oaks Mobile Home Park, between Stingray Avenue and Silver Oaks Avenue, in Merritt Island, will be closed for the emergency replacement of a drainage pipe between August 3 and 8.

         Variable Message Boards will be installed immediately to advise motorists of the road closure, and traffic control signs will be installed to assist the motoring public.

         Residents who live between Stingray Avenue and Triangle Road will be required to access their residence via North Sykes Creek Parkway.

         Residents and businesses located between SR 520 and Silver Oaks Avenue will continue to have access to their homes and businesses from SR 520, but will not be able to access North Banana River Drive northbound and will be required to use North Sykes Creek Parkway.

         Weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances could affect construction schedules.

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