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Alleged Satellite Beach Sexual Battery Vicitm Changes Her Story

The 18-year-old alleged sexual battery victim has changed her story regarding her alleged attack.  According to Satellite Beach Police:
The female victim initially reported she left a party in a residential area to go for a walk and noticed a man with a dog was following her.  The victim reported she was tackled to the ground by the man, who then pulled her top off an attempted to remove her pants.  Satellite Beach investigators have conducted a number of interviews and looked into several leads and tips called in from the public regarding the attempted sexual battery that was reported in the early morning of Tuesday, August 9, 2011. Investigators have also had an opportunity to complete follow up interviews with the victim.

Sergeant Eric Bell, the lead investigator in this case offered the following statement:

“The actual facts of the incident are now more clear then what was first reported.  At the time of the report the victim was upset and had been drinking.  In her recent meeting with investigators she agreed things were blown out of proportion because of all the contributing factors that night.  She also made it clear that she does not want investigators to pursue this case any further and she said she does not think there is a dangerous person out there for people to worry about.”

Based on the information gathered thus far, investigators have concluded that this case is not linked to the sexual battery case that occurred on the beach on August 7, 2011. 

Commander Brad Hodge provides the following statement:

“Our guys did a good job in sorting this out.  Obviously the community reacted with a great deal of concern after two reports in two days and rightfully so.  This case is now considered closed.  We are turning our full attention and resources to the sexual battery that occurred on the beach on August 7th, and we have a person of interest in that case.  I have been approached a number of times and had a flood of calls with citizen’s questions and concerns.  Based on what we have learned there is no evidence that would suggest these two cases were related in any way. Our residents shouldn’t let this deter them from their normal routine.  As always, a little common sense and basic safety precautions go a long way. Out of respect for the victim in the Coach Road case, no further comments will be provided on that closed investigation”.

Updates will be provided on the on-going sexual battery investigation that occurred on August 7th, 2011, whenever possible.

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