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Greater Titusville Renaissance Clarifies Denial of Supporting Playalinda Name Change

On August 18, 2011, the Greater Titusville Renaissance issued a statement denying that the group supported a name change of Playalinda Beach after media reports claimed that the group supported a name change. This was the group’s August 18th statement:
“ATTENTION: The Greater Titusville Renaissance is in no way pursuing action to change the name of Playalinda Beach. It was a mere suggestion presented in passing that the group has not acted upon, nor intends to act upon. Our efforts are currently concentrated on new business development, beautifying corridors and creating an arts and entertainment segment of our community.”
Today however, the Greater Titusville Renaissance has issued the following clarification:
Greater Titusville Renaissance is issuing the following clarification. In March, a GTR member suggested changing the name of Playalinda Beach to Titusville Beach. Recently, Florida Today accurately reported and quoted the Business Development Committee Chairman for GTR, who stated that he, as well as several other members of the group, supported the name change. However, the GTR Committee as a whole has not made changing the name as a goal, nor is GTR focused on changing the name of the beach.
Florida Today has been an invaluable asset in accurately communicating the exciting things that are happening in North Brevard. GTR is a citizen volunteer group that is focusing on three specific goals to create lasting change: the redevelopment of Miracle City Mall, corridors beautification, and business development (with a focus on arts and culture). Change takes all of us working together. Join GTR and help us reach our goals. Stay tuned to FB for the date of our next community meeting!”

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