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Mims Amoeba Stricken Teen Donates Organs

16-year-old Courtney Nash, the Mims teen who died of a suspected amoeba infection contracted from swimming in the St. John’s River, has donated her organs. According to the teen’s mother, PJ Nash-Ryder, during a press conference this morning.

“We learned that a kidney recipient was already undergoing surgery this morning. She had a strong faith in god. She always gave to others. She’s one of a kind. I didn’t get my miracle, but she performed other miracles. She was 14-years-old when she asked me to sign the papers to become an organ donor. This was her calling. This is what she wanted to do,” Nash-Ryder said.

Courtney’s mother has asked that in the future, when the media begins paying attention to hurricane season around June 1 of every year, that they just add a blurb about the danger of amoeba during the hot summer months to raise awareness and remind parents.

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