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Mushroom Jelly Fish Return To Brevard County Beaches

Although the jelly fish currently washing up on Brevard County beaches are fewer in number, many of them are over a foot in diameter unlike in May where the average size of a jelly fish was about that of a doughnut.
NOAA forecasts that the off-shore winds from the northeast will continue for the next few days, which could continue to contribute to the jelly fish remaining near shore. The jelly fish are likely to remain on the beaches throughout next weekend at the earliest.
If you suffer from a jelly fish sting, go to the nearest lifeguard stand for treatment. If there is not any lifeguard stations nearby, scrape the affected area with something with a straight edge (like a drivers’ license) to get the stingers out, then rinse with vinegar or saltwater. Do not use fresh water as it will worsen the sting. Then seek medical attention.

Jelly fish are also a favorite food among sea turtles.

The jelly fish are also a hazard while trying to surf fish along with sargasso seaweed.

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