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Should Brevard County Be Spit Into Two Counties?

There is an old local saying: “A bridge away and a world apart.”

As demonstrated by the objection to an increase in property taxes by a disproportionately waterfront and beachside residents, a schism does exists between Brevard barrier island residents and Brevard mainland residents.

A more geographically sound proposal would split the seventy-mile county-long  in half  north-south versus east-west.

However, if the barrier islands of Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach and Melbourne Beach were to form their own county, there are many economic benefits to such a beachside community:

1.  Top FCAT scores in the State of Florida.

2. “Beach County”  or “Cocoa Beach County” would have a positive connotation toward tourism, capital, and intellectual residential involvement.

3. Cape Canaveral, Indialantic, and Satellite Beach would benefit the most given that their property values have dropped the most in the last five years.

4.  Courthouses and county government centers would be located on the barrier islands which would require less drive time for barrier island residents while also increasing the value of real estate and spurring economic grow near those buildings.

5. While the “gettin is good,” an MIT/Harvard bound-elementary could still be established before Brevard County’s engineers and scientist find new homes with their families.

Anti-Tax Advocates and Educators Protest At Brevard County Government Complex: VIDEO

Protest Zone Designated at Brevard County Government Center

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