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Dream Act Passes In California

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law yesterday the Dream Act which would allow illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at California’s colleges and universities subsidized by U.S. and California taxpayers even though it is likely that their families had not paid taxes during their stay but were likely paid under the table during the prospective students’ adolescent years.

The bill will likely cost billions to U.S. and California taxpayers who only had a very incidental benefit from the presence of illegal immigrants in the form of slightly cheaper domestic vegetable and  meat prices while also depressing skilled labor wages.

The real beneficiaries of illegal immigration are agribusiness corporations who rely on the cheap labor in order to increase their own profit margins.

The controversial legislation also shines a bright spotlight on a sore spot amongst the GOP presidential hopefuls.

Two issues that remove the “top” two candidates from the Republican Presidential Primary popularity are:

Texas Governor Perry wants to give all illegals that were children when they crossed the border the same social benefits as U.S. citizens, including a college education; and

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney continues defend “Romneycare,” a socialized medicine program which he advocated for his state.

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