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Stormwater Mitigation Project Prevents Lamplighter Village from Flooding

Despite the fact that rainfall totals over this weekend’s unnamed storm have exceeded those during 2005’s Hurricane Wilma, the stormwater mitigation efforts in the Lamplighter Village area have prevented flooding in that West Melbourne neighborhood.
The approximately $3.8 million project which installed pipes under I-95 there, following Tropical Storm Fay in 2008, have doubled the capacity for stormwater to flow westward away from the neighborhood and to the St Johns River.
“Although there has been some temporary street flooding due to the undersized internal drainage system maintained by Lamplighter Village, the County’s system is functioning perfectly and has kept the neighborhood homes from flooding,” said Public Works Director John Denninghoff.
The Stormwater mitigation project was funded by FEMA with a 25% match from District 5 Stormwater utility fees.
The County recently received permitting from the state which allows them to open the system’s gates whenever needed to alleviate Stormwater.

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