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Titusville Police Department Offices Closed Due To Mold

Several Offices at the Titusville Police Department, 1100 John Glenn Boulevard Titusville, have been sealed off after air testing revealed hazardous conditions in at least one office on the east side of the building.
The administrative Major’s office had visibly wet carpets and sheetrock after the significant rain we received earlier this month.

When parts of a wall were removed, extensive mold was visible under the wallpaper.

That led to the discovery of several surrounding offices having mold under the wallpaper and under the carpet. This damage is likely the result of a roof on the police department that has been leaking for several years.
The police department has been requested it to be fixed over several budget years but the money has not been made available.

Public Works Division, which oversees all City Buildings, hired EMSL Analytical, Inc of Orlando, Florida to conduct testing on the east side of our facility when the mold was discovered.

The testing results revealed hazardous conditions in one office, and high levels of mold in the surrounding offices. “Stachybotrys” was one of the more significant fungi found present in the walls.
The building was built by United Space Alliance in 1984.
The police department relocated to the building in 1997 after USA sold it.

Based on the findings from EMSL Analytical, City Public Works hired the cleaning company Servpro to clean out all affected areas.

Currently sealed off and being cleaned out: Offices of the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, Administrative Manager, Fiscal Analyst and the Chief’s secretary.
At least five more offices and Records Section will have to be cleaned as well. Cleaning includes removal of all carpet and ceiling tiles.
And sheetrock in 18 inch increments from the floor is removed until no more damage is found.
When cleaning is complete and all mold, wall and floor damage is removed, Public Works will begin the construction phase to repair all affected areas.

Despite the challenges this represents, the building issues will not affect service levels from the public and all operations will continue as we relocate employees temporarily.

“Our concern first and foremost is the welfare of our employees”, said Chief Tony Bollinger as he addressed employees in a meeting Monday morning with City officials. “We will relocate offices as needed to prevent further exposures”.


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