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Brevard Beachside Residents Saved Their Schools

Residents in both Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach who had rallied together in a grass roots effort to stop the proposed conversion of Roosevelt Elementary School into a middle school and the closure of Sea Park Elementary School accomplished their respective goals at last night’s Brevard County School Board meeting which ran well past midnight.
Two separate groups: ‘Save Roosevelt Elementary’ and ‘Save Sea Park Elementary’ had taken their causes to the web via Facebook and website.
The proposed Brevard County School Staff recommendations would have affected all of the beachside K-12 schools from Satellite Beach running north to Cape Canaveral.
Freedom 7 Elementary, a school of choice which is ranked 3rd in the State of Florida against all other elementary school by some ranking organizations, was in the center of the storm of controversy due to its location in South Cocoa Beach.
After hearing from affected residents, the Brevard County School Board agreed not to close Sea Park Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, or Clearlake Middle School.
Below are highlights of last night’s Brevard County Public School Board meeting:
  • Clip: BPS school meeting 11/22/2011 board member Zeilgler acknowledge the beachside growth, economy, bad data from FISH reports as unreliable, that they (BPS) needs to define utilization their own.. points we all made (all school PTOs practically pointed this out too)

    Clip: BPS school meeting 11/22/2011 board member Zeilgler stirring up the issue to the forefront: What is the priority when it comes to community needs for a school (Roosevelt) vs. choice schools (freedom 7)? again, something PTO has been dabbling with and part of argument to save Roosevelt.. We were heard..
    Length: ‎0:51

    Clip: BPS school meeting 11/22/2011 board member Henderson on proposal 6. Good old straight common sense being talked here, just like at our PTO meetings, as to why we, Roosevelt, is being thrown into the mix of things if its a CBJSHS overcrowding issue.They also agree k-8 will not work at our school. Finally, everyone jumps on board, agrees it’s a CBJSHS issue without hesitation and the proposal was dropped in just a matter of 3 short minutes. Thank you all for supporting us. PS: We saved the signs because you just never know what can happen next year..
    Length: ‎3:11

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