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Carnival Ecstacy Arrives In Port Canaveral

Carnival Cruise Lines added yet another ship to Port Canaveral today.
The Carnival Ecstacy made it into port after a two hour delay due to high seas.
While the wind whipped their hair, an awaiting double couple at a nearby Port Canaveral bar asked repeatedly “Is that our ship?” as several vessel that could not possibly be a cruise ship entered past the mouth of Port Canaveral at Jetty Park.
The foursome declined to be photographed or quoted because they were about to aboard the ship.
Ultimately, about two hours behind schedule, the Carnival Ecstasy arrived at the terminal closest to Jetty Park just east of the Victory Casino Cruise Line terminal.
While the rest of the economy is in trouble, the cruise industry continues to ride high on a combination of foreign labor that remains aboard ship, U.S. tax avoidance, U.S. taxpayer subsided terminals and facilities in the name of jobs that Americans never get, and a weak dollar due to the constant onslaught of the United States by multi-national corporations that bribe politicians through campaign donations in order to create such an asinine situation.
Politicians love to start speeches with “The brave men and women of the armed forces” or “the hard working people of [insert city, state, industry that you are addressing].
Instead of speeches, how about require all cruise ships that predominately depart from American port to register fly American Flags since all of the politicians claim to be patriotic?
At least then passengers and crew would be subject to U.S. law instead of some third world nation’s island law while also paying for the actual use of U.S. ports.

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