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Have You Seen Shooting Stars Around Thanksgiving?

If you have seen meteor in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, it is the remnants of the Leonid meteor shower that peaked on November 17, 2011.

The Leonid meteor shower wasn’t as spectacular as the Orionid meteor shower which occurred in October.

A more spectacular display will the be the upcoming Geminid meteor shower, which will peak on December 13, 2011.
A full moon coincides with the Geminid meteor shower peak, but it shouldn’t have much affect on the spectacular display.
Geminid meteors stream from a point called “the radiant” in the constellation Gemini.
According to NASA, the Geminids are generally regarded as one of the best annual meteor showers.  But before the mid-1800’s there were no Geminids, or at least not enough of them to attract attention.

Geminids Located In Gemini Constellation

 The first Geminid shower suddenly appeared in 1862, surprising sky watchers who saw 15 or so shooting stars each hour.


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