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Titusville Police Conducted Sex Offender Check On Halloween

On Halloween night, several detectives took a proactive approach of keeping our community’s children safe who participated in Halloween functions by increasing patrols throughout the city of Titusville and conducting checks of residences housed by sexual offenders to ensure the lights were off and they were not passing out any candy.
The directed patrols of the registered sex offenders started at 5:00PM and lasted through 10:00PM.
Detectives checked on a total of 69 offenders in the city of Titusville.
All residences that were checked were in compliance, and some houses even had signs up stating “no candy”.
Titusville Police Officers and Detectives are also assigned a sexual offender throughout the entire year.
The officer/detective must check on the offender at least once a month to ensure that the offender is living where he/she states.
The officers/detectives check these residence’s randomly throughout the month.
Titusville Police Chief Tony Bollinger said, “Our department takes a very serious and proactive approach regarding the sexual offenders that reside in our city.  Even on holidays we are out in full force, ensuring that the children of our community stay safe.”

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