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Baby Formula Recalled By Walmart Not WIC Approved

WIC providers and physicians have raised concerns over the use of powdered formula following the recall of Enfamil from Walmart shelves after the death of baby boy.
According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), the powdered formula being tested for the bacteria is not a WIC approved formula.
No formula offered by the WIC program has been implicated in the investigation.
As a reminder, when reconstituting powdered formula, it is recommended that the water be brought to a boil for two minutes and then let cool before mixing the formula. This procedure should be followed regardless of the water source.
Procedures for properly preparing baby formula:

Cleaning Utensils and Sterilizing Water
If your baby is younger than 3 months old:
Wash bottles, nipples, caps, rings and all utensils thoroughly with soap, water and brushes. Sterilize in boiling water for fi ve minutes.
Bring water for formula to a boil for two minutes and let the water cool before mixing formula.
If your baby is older than 3 months old:
Wash bottles, nipples, caps, rings and all utensils thoroughly with soap, hot water and brushes. Bottles may also be cleaned in a dishwasher.
If your doctor provided other washing instructions, you must follow the doctor’s instructions.

Preparing Infant Formulas:
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water and dry with a clean towel before preparing formula.
Before opening the formula container, make sure the expiration date has not passed.
Clean the lid. Shake the container well if it is liquid formula.
Use only the scoop that comes with your formula.
It is very important to follow the instructions!
Follow the instructions on the formula container
If your doctor provided special mixing instructions (e.g., type of water to use), you must follow those orders.
If formula is prepared with too much or too little water OR formula, your baby may develop serious health problems or may not grow well.
Formula may be warmed by holding the bottle under warm, running water.
Always test the formula before feeding by shaking a couple of drops on your inner wrist area of your hand. The formula should feel lukewarm (never hot).
WARNING: Do not use a microwave oven to warm the formula.

Storing Infant Formula
Once prepared, infant formula can spoil quickly. Feed the baby immediately or cover the bottle and refrigerate at 35-40°F (2-4°C) for no longer than 24 hours for powdered formula, or 48 hours for concentrated liquid formula.
Do not use prepared formula that has been at room temperature for more than one hour.
Throw out any formula left in a bottle after a feeding. Germs can grow easily in the formula that is left in the bottle.
Store powdered formula in a dry area at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat.
Do not freeze any form of infant formulas.
Tightly cover cans of powdered formula. Use within one month of opening.
Use unopened formula by expiration date.

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