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Brevard County Code Enforcement Investigates UPS Portable Storage Units

United Parcel Service and some Brevard homeowners have allegedly committed zoning violations in Brevard County residential neighborhoods with portable storage units and golf carts that are used to stage and store packages for deliveries this holiday season.
Brevard County Code Enforcement has identified ten locations in Brevard County where the alleged violations have taken place.
However, there may be more locations that the Brevard County Code Enforcement has not yet identified.
In an email, Brevard County Code Enforcement Chief Bobby Bowen said, “My officers are assigned to conduct follow up inspections on Tuesday of next week to ensure that UPS lives up to their word to the Board of County Commissioners that they have ceased operations and by Tuesday of next week they will have removed their golf carts and PODs. Failure to do so will result in the Sheriffs Department issuingNotices to Appear with a $500.00 a day fine for both the Homeowner and UPS for zoning violation of operating a business in a residential zoning classification and failure to obtain a Business Tax Receipt.”
Listed below are the addresses of where the alleged violations have occurred:

Commission Dist. 1
435 Plantation Drive – The Great Outdoors – 11CE-02682
4740 Robert Street – Cocoa – 11CE-02608
Commission Dist. 2
1484 Harbor Drive – Merritt Island – 11CE- 02622
645 Theodore Drive – Merritt Island – 11CE-02656
3759 Sunward Drive – Merritt Island – 11CE-02679
236 N. Tropical Trail – Merritt Island – 11CE-02681
405 Indian Bay Blvd. – Merritt Island – 11CE-02607
2185 Sykes Creek Drive – Merritt Island – 11CE-02613
Commission Dist. 3
422 Hiawatha Way – Melbourne Beach – 11CE-02672
Commission Dist. 4
835 Chatsworth Drive – Melbourne – 11CE-02675

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