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Car Burglary Sparks Beach Man Hunt

An alleged car burglary which set off a car alarm around noon today on Filmore Avenue in Cape Canaveral sparked a beach man hunt that lasted nearly an hour.

The suspect had allegedly fled south from Filmore Avenue towards the beach access end of Pierce Avenue.

A BCSO helicopter along with K-9 units were dispatched to assist in the man hunt.

As the suspect weaved in and out of beachside residences, a six-block perimeter was set up at the beach ends of neighboring streets by Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputies and Cocoa Beach Police Officers near the Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral City Limits border known to locals as “no man’s land”.

During the chase, the suspect was spotted up and down neighboring streets such as Buchanan Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Johnson Avenue, and Ridgewood Avenue. 

The suspect was ultimately apprehended between the beach ends of Buchanan and Lincoln Avenues. (Click any photo to enlarge).

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