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"Field of Hope" Dedicated at Brevard County's North Animal Shelte

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – In a simple ceremony that did not indicate how large an impact it will have on shelter dogs’ lives, the “Field of Hope” was dedicated at Brevard County’s North Animal Care Center (NACC) on Flake Road in Titusville on December 6.

Through the hard work of a dedicated group of volunteers, an unused section of the adjoining property was fenced off and a gate installed, giving the public an area that they can use to have off-leash interaction with dogs they are interested in adopting.

The area provides an open secure location where dogs can get exercise, feel the breeze and chase a ball tossed by a potential adopter.

Paula Hunter, NACC Supervisor, said, “ It’s wonderful. The pets and people can get to know each other in a real-world way. Before, it was either inside the facility, or being walked on a leash. And if you are a shelter dog who gets to go outside for the first time in a while, being on a leash is not the best way for you to show people what a great dog you are.”

The field was dedicated as a memorial to Glenda Hanchy and her dog “Casey Jay.” The volunteers responsible for all the hard work are Mike and Dawn Jay, Jen and Wally Kohler, Melanie Ray, Diane Longella, and Sabrina Etter. The “Field of Hope” cost almost $5,000 and was built and funded entirely by the volunteers to give shelter dogs a better chance to find a forever home.

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