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Frankincense Could Become a Thing of the Past

According to European researchers, frankincense, on of the three famed biblical Gifts of the Gagi, could become extinct. According to the Gospel of Matthew, frankincense was the gift from the Magi of the East to baby Jesus.
Frankincense has also been used by Muslims, Jews, and other middle-eastern cultures for thousands of years.
The prime trading area of this highly valued tree product has historically been the Arab Peninsula.
According to the Journal of Applied Ecology, researchers predict that “Under the ‘business as usual’ scenario, population models projected a 90% decline in the size of tapped and untapped populations within 50 years and a 50% decline in frankincense yield within 15 years. Model simulations for restoration scenarios revealed that populations and frankincense production could only be sustained with intensive management leading to full sapling recruitment and a 50–75% reduction in adult mortality.”

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