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Gunman Kills Two At Virginia Tech

The Virginia State Police released the following information during a press conference regarding the 2011 Virginia Tech shooting:
During a police stop in a Virgina Tech Colosseum parking lot around noon today, a third party suspect walked up and fired a weapon at the police officer conducting the stop.
When additional Virgina State Police officers responded to scene to assist, they discovered that the initial officer, a four-year veteran, had been shot and killed. The deceased officer’s name is being withheld.
Shortly thereafter, a second body near a duck pond was found shot and dead.
A weapon was recovered from the second crime scene. But the Virginia State Police are not releasing information regarding the caliber of the weapon.
The Virginia State police are not confirming whether the second dead body was the shooter or not.
However, after the second shooting, no other instances have occurred and the police have allowed students to once again roam the Virginia Tech campus.
The Virginia State Police are also investigating a nearby rest stop to determine if any suspicious activity reported there was related to the campus shooting.

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