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Improved Sidewalks For Palm Bay School Children

(Palm Bay) — Students walking to school in south Palm Bay will soon have a safer route to school. More than two miles of sidewalks leading to three area schools are being enhanced with safety upgrades as a result of a federal grant.
The National Center for Safe Routes to School through the Florida Department of Transportation has awarded Palm Bay $686,297 to build new sidewalks for children walking to and from school.
“These routes were selected based on need assessment, traffic counts in the area and pedestrian traffic along with future growth projections,” said Mike Maier, Director of Public Works. “It is an opportunity to improve safety for those students already walking or cycling to school and at the same time encourages the activity for those who may have thought it unsafe to do so.”
All of the improvements are anticipated to be completed by December 2012 and are as follows:
· Sidewalk extended along both sides of Wyoming Drive west to the dead end then from San Filippo Drive to Babcock Street for a total length of 7,664 feet.
· New sidewalk on the west side of San Filippo Drive from Wyoming Drive to Wichita Boulevard SE. (3,987 feet);
· Connection of two sidewalks along Eldron Blvd. near Odyssey Charter School. (473 feet)
· New sidewalks on both sides of Degroodt Road from Galicia St. to Heritage St. near Westside Elementary School. (3,341 feet);
· New sidewalk on the south side of Osmosis Drive from O’Connel Ave to Degroodt Rd. (3,625 feet)
· New sidewalk on the south side of J.A. Bombardier Blvd. from Hamilton Ave. to DeGroodt Road. (541 feet)

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