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Canaveral Port Authority Comes Under Fire For Parking Video

PORT CANAVERAL, Florida — The Canaveral Port Authority came under fire at yesterday’s meeting for publishing a video that implies that off site parking in local Space Coast businesses is unreliable and unsafe.
The video shows an actual off site cruise parking facility located in Cocoa where it is portrayed that a cruising couple is late to their cruise due to unreliable service and that when they return, their car is damaged.
The video shows a contrasting image of Port police patrolling the onsite parking lot, implying that it is safer and more secure than offsite parking.
The Canaveral Port Authority faces stiff competition from local hotels who offer ‘snooze and cruise’ packages and other parking establishments that offer parking at over half the daily rate of onsite parking.
The difference in price can save cruisers hundreds of dollars depending on the length of their cruise but also deprives Port Canaveral of revenue generated with onsite parking.
This is not the first time the Port has been accused of being hostile towards local Brevard County businesses. Last year, one cab company was awarded exclusive rights to service Port Canaveral at the expense of competing local cab companies.
The Port Authority took down video from its website yesterday, but obtained a copy of the video which can be seen here:

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