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Sebastian Police Use PIT Manuever To Stop High Speed DUI Suspect

SEBASTIAN, Fla. — Sebastian Police Department officers responded to a report of a man causing a disturbance with patrons at 1405 Indian River Drive – Earl’s Hideaway.
The suspect was identified as 47 years of age Richard Myers, who agreed to leave on his own when confronted by police.
Approximately thirty minutes later, officers observed the same suspect operating a white 2006 Lincoln Continental south bound on Indian River Drive.
Numerous traffic violations were observed and the pursuing officer attempted a traffic stop.  Mr. Myers proceeded west bound on Sebastian Boulevard, and then disregarded the emergency lights and siren that were activated in an effort to have Mr. Myers pull over.
Police say Mr. Myers proceeded to operate his vehicle west bound, then accelerated to an approximate speed of 90 MPH and nearly impacted the rear of a west bound vehicle that was slowing to make a left turn on an intersecting street. The officer, aware of the potential intoxication of Mr. Myers and the reckless operation of the vehicle, nearly injuring an innocent citizen, implemented the Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) to stop the pursuit and to cease and desist any additional safety concerns to the public at large.
The officer utilized his push bumper on his police vehicle to successfully initiate the maneuver followed by pinning the vehicle to prevent Mr. Myers from continuing his attempts to elude officers.
Mr. Myers allegedly failed to follow commands by the officers after the  stop and physically resisted the officers resulting in the deployment of a Taser on Mr. Myers.  Mr. Myers then complied with officer’s commands and, although uncooperative was arrested and transported to the county jail where he is being held on charges of:
Felony Flee & Elude – Bond $7500
Resisting Arrest without Violence – Bond $500, DUI – Bond $1000
Driving with a Suspended License with Knowledge – bond $500.
No injuries were reported in this incident due to proper training and successful deployment of the PIT maneuver which is designed to stop fleeing vehicles that pose a risk to the health and safety of citizens.

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