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Second Titusville Firefighter Arrested

TITUSVILLE, Florida — 43-year-old Rodney Donhoff who was employed with the City of Titusville as a firefighter/paramedic at station 10 at 617 N. Singleton Ave has been arrested by Titusville Police and named a co-defendent with 40-year-old Titusville firefighter Randy Moore who was arrested last week.
According to police, during the past six plus months, Donhoff and Moore committed acts targeting the their Lieutenant Phil Jones by committing acts designed to harass, antagonize, and embarrass Lt. Jones.
The alleged acts included putting spices in Jones’ coffee, placing embarrassing articles in Jones’ files, locking Jones out of the station when he reported for duty, spraying Pam cooking spray across the food in Jones’ food locker – making it unusuable.
Police say that during post Miranda statements made by Moore, Donhoff was an active participant in the acts of harassment.
In recorded statements from Donhoff, he allegedly admitted to being present during some of the events and putting trash in Jones’ locker, rocks in his boots, spraying the food in the food locker with Pam, and having a role in placing the victims cooler in a dryer vent. These acts served no legitimate purpose.
Additionally on February 9th, police say Donhoff assisted Moore in tampering with Lt. Jones’ wildfire/brush gear. Donhoff allegedly admitted to being present when the bag of gear was opened and participating in removing the gear for the purpose of “putting something unusual inside”.
Donhoff admitted to removing and having the safety goggles in his hand. Donhoff denies any knowledge of the flammable chemical poison that was placed in the canteen or being in the room when that portion of the final act / “prank” was done contrary to statements made by Moore. The goggles were not returned to the bag, and Donhoff did not return the goggles when requested by Law Enforcement, saying he did not know where they were now. Police say this is supported by sworn statements from the victim, co-defendant, and defendant. The approximate value of the stolen goggles is ten dollars.
Donhoff was charged with stalking and petty theft of government property, each charge carries a $500 bond amount.

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