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Two Injured In Palm Bay Nitric Acid Spill

PALM BAY, Florida — Two people were injured after an accidental chemical spill at a Palm Bay business.
At approximately 3 p.m., Palm Bay firefighters and paramedics responded to the area of 2320 Commerce Drive NE for reports of a chemical spill with possible exposures.
When firefighters arrived on scene, they located two individuals suffering from injuries relating to an exposure to nitric acid. The victims are employees of a business that repairs and recycles electronic circuit boards.
During work operations, one of the employees was transferring nitric acid from one container to another when a small amount estimated at less than one quart spilled. This employee received burns to his hand and eyes and was transported to the hospital for treatment. A second employee was also transported for exposure after inhaling vapors.
A Fire Safety Report was written/given to the company to assure no one returns to the facility until it is properly cleaned and decontaminated by a professional cleaning company.

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