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Underage Drinking Busts In Melbourne

In continuing efforts to combat underage drinking within the City of Melbourne, the Melbourne Police Department Street Crimes Unit conducted an underage drinking detail.
There were a total of nine arrests. The arrests were made throughout the city at different convenience stores. The detail started at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, February 1st and concluded at 2:00 A.M. on Thursday, February 2nd.

This operation resulted in 36 purchase attempts citywide, with 9 violations observed. Of these 9 violations, one cashier did not request identification from the underage volunteers, and 8 requested identification, checked it, and sold them alcohol anyway.  These figures represent a 75% compliance rate among convenience stores and gas stations citywide.

The Melbourne Police Department applauds those in the 75% for doing their due diligence in keeping alcohol out of the hands of our children

This operation resulted in the arrest of the following individuals for Sale of Alcohol To A Person Under 21 Years of Age, Florida State Statute 562.11, at the following locations:

Christopher Charles Parker, w/m, 12/20/1986 of Melbourne (CVS; 15 E. New Haven Av)
Esma Coklar, w/f, 9/15/1988 of Palm Bay (Mobile; 3000 S. Babcock St.)
Jermaine Obrien Flowers, b/m, 7/22/1984 of Melbourne (Walgreens; 1350 N Wickham Rd.)
Larry Jason Wright, b/m, 8/14/1981 of Palm Bay (7-Eleven; 1700 S. Babcock St.)
Nicholas Alexander Wyatt, w/m, 10/12/1993 of Melbourne (BP; 4520 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.)
Deborah J Shafer, w/f, 06/2/1959, of Palm Bay (Walgreens; 975 S Babcock St)
Barbara Jean Murren, w/f, 02/24/1956 of Melbourne (Mobile; 900 N Wickham Rd.)
Maya C Patel, w/f, 02/15/1953 of Merritt Island (K&D Beverage; 1461 Sarno Rd.)
Berkant Taylan, w/m, 06/15/1969 of Palm Bay (GasQuik; 4000 S. Babcock St)

All businesses were in the City of Melbourne

The Melbourne Police Department is currently investigating this incident and more information may be
available at a later time. For additional information, please call the PIO phone number listed above.

If you have any information please call Crimeline: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

The Melbourne Police Department’s Crime Tip Line: 321-409-2259

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