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Palm Bay Police Officer Shoots Pit Bull

PALM BAY, Florida  — According to Palm Bay Police spokesperson Yvonne Martinez, Palm Bay Police Officers were investigating a retail theft at a  BP gas station located at the intersection of Southeast Jupiter Boulevard and Southeast Eldron Boulevard on Monday.
During the course of the investigation, the investigating officers were able to develop a suspect.  The Officers located a local address and attempted to make contact with the suspect.  They knocked on the door, identified themselves as Police Officers and immediately heard barking.
The suspect opened the door and her female pit-bull weighing over 75 pounds charged out.  The suspect attempted to stop the dog named Doja.  But the pit-bull forced its way passed her, charging Officer Mike Pusatere.
Pusatere was able to side step out of the way – but the dog continued after him.  Pusatere back-pedaled into the driveway where he was finally forced to shoot the dog. The animal sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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