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Brevard Sheriff Candidate Wayne Ivey Responds To Opponents' Attacks

COCOA, Florida — After an inquiry from Brevard Times, Brevard County Sheriff Candidate Wayne Ivey (R) gave his response following the attacks by his opponents who alleged that he was attending a fundraiser instead of addressing the audience at the Trayvon Martin Community Round Table in Cocoa, Florida:
“I was personally asked to participate in this event by the coordinators, who were very accommodating as they organized the forum and were understanding of the fact that I could only participate for the first portion of the event, due to a previous committment that was community based as well. While present, I discussed in detail my background and experiences with the community leaders as well as the events surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin.

The previously scheduled commitment was a charitable event, hosted to raise scholarship funds for local high school seniors, who are trying to attend college. The event is hosted annually and this year my wife and I were invited to participate along with our entire family.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Trayvon Martin during this very difficult time. I completely support the event organizers’ efforts to create an opportunity for canidates to meet with the community and to discuss measures that may help to prevent any type of tragedy such as this in the future.”


Sheriff and State Attorney Candidates Address Trayvon Martin Case: VIDEO

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  • I want to know why Mr Ivey was Terminated from Putnam County..How about looking into that Brevard Times!

  • The signs have been at the Bodine Honda dealership for a few months. Would you rather have had them take them down before the event?Or, Maybe they made a sincere offer to host the event out of respect for Barbara, and didn't take the signs down because it is their property.

  • Wayne Ivey was campaigning for Parker to be re-elected 4 years ago. Since then, Ivey has been shadowing Parker at many BCSO events to get recognition while on duty with FDLE to set the stage for him to run after Parker retires. So instead of supervising investigations which the taxpayers were paying him for he was no where to be found. Parker is returning the favor supporting Ivey's campaign. Unfortunately, Parker has not done his homework before endorsing Ivey's sealed records of employment in other counties, no budget experience, less than 10 employees supervised, etc. Ivey is all politics with no experience to run a sheriff's dept of this magnitude.

  • Lee Wenner,You as well as every other deputy that has been through two or more elections knows that if your not on the right team (command staff team) deputies have been messed with. It is very prevelant in the current command staff during this campaign. Just look at all the deputies that have had their shifts changed and the transfers that have occurred. Also don't forget the promotions that have recently taking place (oh yeah just happen to be on the Ivey Team).That is why the anonymous post. Fear of retaliation. Obviosly you have nothing to worry about because your on the RIGHT TEAM, RIGHT!

  • Todd Maddox personell file is public record. unlike wayne Ivey who paid to have his records sealed. what does that tell you very shady guy

  • The Chief's of Police in Brevard County should be terminated for not doing there home work when they endorsed Wayne Ivey. I can see why Parker and Ivey run hand in hand. What happened to the CSI bulding in rockledge that Parker spent all of the Tax payers money on.

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