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Free Florida Freshwater Fishing Saturday April 7, 2012

MELBOURNE, Florida — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) scheduled  the first of four license-free recreational fishing days for this Saturday April 7, 2012.  FWC says that it scheduled the day on this holiday weekend so more people will have the chance to get out and try their luck.
In Brevard County, freshwater fishing means the lakes and canals along the St. John’s River such as Lake Washington, Lake Poinsett, and Lake Winder.
This weekend coincides with a productive freshwater fishing period, when the weather is usually pleasant.  Many of Florida’s recreational sport fishes, such as black bass, bluegill and redear sunfish, move into the shallows to spawn during spring, making them more available for anglers to catch.
The FWC also made June 2 and Sept. 1 license-free saltwater fishing days and set June 9 as the second license-free freshwater fishing day.  These days also coincide with a holiday weekend, National Fishing and Boating Week or open-harvest seasons for popular bay scallops, lobster and king mackerel.
All other bag limit, season and size restrictions apply on these dates for recreational, not commercial, fishing.
To make your fishing day successful, check out My for freshwater fishing tips, locations and rules.

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