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Melbourne Prostitution Sting

MELBOURNE, Florida — In continuing efforts to target known prostitutes within the City of Melbourne, the Melbourne Police Department Special Operations Unit conducted a prostitution detail within the city. There were a total of five arrests. Four of the arrests were in the south end of the city around the south U.S. Highway 1 corridor. The other arrest was in the north end of the city in the area of Avocado Avenue and Aurora Road.

The detail started at 7:00 PM on Tuesday evening and concluded at 10:30 PM. Listed below are the persons that were arrested and the accompanying charges.

Erin Marie Sanders

Erika Brown

Amanda Smith

Susan R Meracle
Sale of Oxycodone
Possession of Oxycodone
Possession with Intent to Sell Oxycodone
Possession of Paraphernalia

Christina Brown
Prostitution (Felony)

The Melbourne Police Department is currently investigating this incident and more information be available at a later time.

If you have any information, please call Crime line: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477) or The Melbourne Police Department’s Crime Tip Line: 321-409-2259

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  • Mugshots look pretty good for streetwalkers. Free advertising courteous Florida Today. Melbourne Prostitution will be booming.

  • I completely agree. If a crime is committed then the cops should be called. SEX is not a crime it’s just fun.

  • Victims?? Really?? Try seeing from my children's eyes that have had to have their disgusting lifestyles shoved in her face her whole life. Why don't you idiots start thinking about the children, elderly and family neighborhoods that have to deal with their selfish drug habits while their own children are sitting in drug infested apts while they hook all day and night. Why don't you think about those victims you idiots!

  • Shut up! Try living around all these disgusting johns, pimps and prostitutes that have no boundrie's. That give services right at playgrounds and by schools and libraries. They are all sick, disgusting pigs and having these stings is the only way to get them, their drugs, pimps and johns out of family neighborhoods!

  • It's ridiculous to me that abortion is legal but prostitution isn't. To use the argument pro-abortionists use, nobody can tell a woman what to do with her body. Personally I think abortion is murder. Women are allowed to murder their babies, but if a woman wants to charge a man to merely have some form of sex with her she is shunned by most of society and, even worse, arrested. What an effed up system we have.

  • Those girls are performing a much needed service. Most guys who buy one are just lonely and want to spend some time with a woman with no strings attached. Those women are not hurting anyone and any arrangments they make with a man is NONE of the pigs business. Brevard pigs only conduct these stings as a money source for the county.

  • Great Job Law Enforcement, Funny the people who usually criticize law enforcement is usually a criminal, get a degree and a hug lmao

  • I call this the "treat and street," Its a sad and disgusting way Brevard county churns out people in obvious need of help (i.e. Victims). They will put them in BCJ for a night or two, where they may or MAY NOT check them for HIV/AIDS (let alone give them any medical or psychological evaluation whatsoever), then, he/she is released with the same habits and a court date.

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