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Mother's Day 2012 Is Next Month

Mother’s Day is a long-celebrated tradition where moms in the United States are honored and remembered by their children for the contributions and self-sacrifice that moms make in our lives.
In the U.S, Mother’s Day is always celebrated the second week in May which was made an official American national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. So if you are asking, “When is Mother’s Day in 2012?” Mother’s Day in 2012 falls on Sunday May 13, 2012.

Because Mother’s Day is one of highest seasonal day for the delivery of flowers, greeting cards, gifts, and newer traditions such as edible fruit arrangements instead of the older fruit baskets, very often the price for these items increases as Mother’s Day approaches. In many instances you will see that coupon codes expire at the end of April just before the height in demand for the Mother’s Day holiday, so it is important to get your order in sooner before those coupon codes expire.
For younger children, Mother’s Day often means crayon drawings or hand-made arts and crafts for mom. Sometimes accompanied by a well-intentioned (but novice) attempt at making breakfast in bed for mom.

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